Men Amongst Mountains by The Revivalists

New Orleans based band, The Revivalists, may have released the album that will give them the success I’m sure they have always dreamed of. Although Men Amongst Mountains was released in 2015, the band is just now getting radio play and festival appearances. The hit song from the album, “Wish I Knew You”, was just re-released as a single and it is the song to get The Revivalists out into the world.

The Revivalists are soulful, alternative, and possess all the characteristics to become big. Men Amongst Mountains is an excellent record, and it deserves recognition.

The standout on the album is “Wish I Knew You”. This track is upbeat and soulful. The guitar on this track is sweet and sensual. It is latin inspired, and it works very well with this fun track.

“Keep Going” and “It Was A Sin” are both great records as well, but they are slower and do not appeal to as large of an audience as “Wish I Knew You”. These are songs to put out once The Revivalists have a greater following.

The band needs to focus on doing songs similar to the upbeat, radio friendly, “Wish I Knew You”.

This album was good, and it is definitely an album to gain growth, but if they focus on producing hits, they will be an artist to watch out for.

Listen to Men Amongst Mountains on Spotify now:


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