Yours, Dreamily, by The Arcs

The Arcs are a new band, led by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. The Arcs are an alternative, soulful band that are in good hands to be a success. 

The album begins with an intro called, “Once We Begin (Intro)”, which sounds like a demented introduction into a carnival. I don’t know how I feel about this, but it is definitely intriguing.

The second song directly after the intro is the hit single, “Outta My Mind”, and it sounds like it could very well be a The Black Keys song. It’s a great single to get the band into the limelight, but it does not establish The Arcs as independent from Auerbach’s past successes.

Outta my mind
But I made it
Outta my mind
I’m faded
Outta my mind
The ones, I love, have left my side

“Stay In My Corner” is a distinguished track. It differs from The Black Key’s typical sound, and establishes The Arcs’ ideal sound. Auerbach’s vocals are sensual and sweet sounding, and they provide a relaxing feel to this track.

Stay in my corner, babe
Stay in my corner, please
Stay in my corner, babe
I will fight for you if you fight for me too

This is probably my favorite song from The Arcs’ first record, and I look forward to hearing more songs like this one.

Overall, I am a fan of The Arcs, and I have a feeling many of The Black Key’s loyal fans will enjoy the music this band puts out as well.

Listen to Yours, Dreamily, on Spotify here:


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